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The Cooper's Hilltop Farm Store

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The Store

Whilst Cooper's Hilltop Farm has been producing milk since the first cow was bought in 1918, the store is a more recent addition to the farm since the farm originally delivered milk. The extension to the barn that now houses the store and the dairy was constructed in the 1930s so we could pasteurize our milk. The black panel at the front of the store was once a door that let the wagons and eventually trucks load up with milk from the processing area and head off to deliver it. In the 1950's that area was converted into the store where we have been selling milk from our farm to local residents ever since. In the 1990s a second story, which mirrors the silhouette of our barn, along with a ground floor a cool room were added to the building to increase storage capacity.

Our Staples

Our milk comes straight from our barn and is pasteurized and homogenized in the dairy just behind the store. Milk is available in whole, low fat and skim along with heavy and light cream. We make our own flavored milk in chocolate, strawberry and coffee.  For the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter we also make Egg Nog (keep an eye on our Facebook page for information about when it is available for purchase).

We also sell our own pasture raised meat in the store including beef, pork and chicken. Meat availability varies from season to season so be sure to check out our Facebook page for information on what is currently in stock.

Also on our shelves we have a variety of other items such as bread, eggs, ice cream and more. Among these are many locally made products including delicious baked goods from Culpeppers Bakery in Worcester and cheeses from Smith's Country Cheese in Winchendon.

Coopers Pumpkin.jpg

Our Seasonals

The store has a variety of fresh seasonal items for you to enjoy.

In summer we feature seasonal berries and early harvest apples. During Fall apples take center stage and apple cider products fill our shelves in the store. We also offer pumpkins and corn stalks for Halloween. Once winter takes its grasp on the countryside, we stock firewood for those chilly nights and gift packs for that person who is really hard to buy for.

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