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Cooper's Hilltop Farm

From our family to yours since 1918


Meet the
Cooper Family

Four generations of farming on the Hilltop

We have a long history in the community. On our farm and in our farm store we strive to produce and source local products you and your family will enjoy. While we have been mainly a dairy farm for many years, dairy is not all there is to our story.

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Our Farm Store




Our farm store has a wide variety of products including our own milk and meat as well as many other products from local farms.

Our milk is pasteurized, homogenized and bottled in our on farm dairy.

We raise our own pasture fed animals on the farm to produce high quality beef and pork.

Staples are also covered with locally sourced products including baked goods, eggs and cheese as well as a variety of seasonal items.


Check out our Meat and Vegetable CSA starting in May 2023.

Our Farmyard Friends

On the opposite side of the car park from the store live a hand full of other farm animals for you to meet.


Why not stop by and get to know them!  

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